Monday, 10 February 2014

Investing in peace

Come and hear about - and pray for - the lives of those supported by our partners in Israel and the Palestinian territory, as well as in Syria.  Click on the image to enlarge.

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Ken Robertson

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Let us switch! People in poverty must pay Fair Prices for fuel - you can help

It's time to Close the Gap between rich and poorLet us switch! People in poverty must pay Fair Prices for fuel

CTG big red action buttonCall on the regulator to make sure people in poverty can pay Fair Prices for gas and electricity - click here to email Ofgem now.
In the UK today, the poorest people pay the highest prices for gas and electricity. They are forced to pay for their energy through prepayment meters (PPMs), which use more expensive tariffs than other means of payment.
It is very difficult to switch from a PPM to a more affordable way of paying. If you owe any money to your energy supplier, it is almost impossible. The system that should enable people to make this switch (the 'Debt Assignment Protocol') is ineffective.
Let Us SwitchAs a result, people are trapped paying high rates for energy, and trapped in a cycle of poverty. They may be faced with impossible choices between heating and eating. Many have to borrow money from payday lenders and other legal loan sharks just to survive. Fuel poverty can even kill. Thousands of people will die of the cold this winter.
To mark Cold Homes Week, we've published a new report on fuel poverty, Let Us Switch! And we're calling for action.
The energy regulator, Ofgem, has the power to enable indebted customers to switch tariffs, so that people on low incomes pay Fair Prices for fuel. This could make a huge difference for the most vulnerable people in the UK.
Church Action on Poverty is working with people affected by the Poverty Premium on fuel. We're inviting Ofgem to come and meet with these people, to discuss how they can tackle fuel poverty more effectively. Please contact Ofgem and urge them to take action.
 CTG big red action buttonClick here to email Ofgem now.
Best wishes
Liam Purcell
Communications Manager, Church Action on Poverty

What we are about
Church Action on Poverty works with church and community groups across the UK to make tackling poverty a priority. Our work involves: educating churches about poverty in the UK; enabling people in poverty to speak for themselves; working for policies to eradicate poverty; promoting reflection and action for social justice.
Church Action on Poverty is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with number 3780243. Charity Number 1079986
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