Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Help push against Poverty!

Hi all,

Please see link below for advert for our Trolley push in local publication, the Stockbridge Spotlight.

We have MPs, MSPs and Councillors all showing an interest and wanting to meet us during our walk from Rannoch DC to the Scottish Parliament…. We are perusing the Evening News/ Scotsman and possibly the BBC to cover the event!

A great project team (you know who you are) are working hard to make this a great event, which aims to publicise our foodbank and raise a little sponsorship too.  Your thoughts and or prayers would be appreciated as we do a site visit tomorrow down the Royal Mile and make final preparations for two weeks’ time.

If you are interested in the National Event, which starts on 8th April, see the following link:

Thanks Ewan

Operations Manager
Edinburgh North West foodbank

Bridge Builder Project


On Sunday, 14th April we will be formally launching the Bridge Builder Project. We will
be  inviting many of our former members and other friends to join us. At that time we will be outlining our vision for the Clermiston Area through the project.

Make sure that you are able to come on the 14th. Service as usual at 12.00 noon  followed by lunch together.