Saturday, 29 December 2007

Sunday 30th December

I'm on the preaching rota this week so here's a taster. We're going to look at the whole of Hebrews! In 20 minutes, honest.

To get a bigger flavour, I've uploaded the powerpoint I'll be using.


See you there!

Willie (not Rev)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Morning Celebration!

Do join us at our 'Christmas Morning Celebration'
at 11.00am in the Clermiston Inn in Rannoch Road
Everyone is welcome!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christian Aid Tea Party

The following is an extract from the letter I have received back from Christian Aid in response to our donation from our tea party:

Many thanks for your kind donation of £68.50 (plus gift aids) towards the work of Christian Aid. Your gift will help support our work in more than 50 of the world's poorest countries. It was very kind of you to organise a Tea Time event. One project your money will support is in Sri Lanka where Chitrani Namanathan is the leader of a women's group at the Kobbsnills (tea) Estate. Since Christian Aid's partner the Institute for Social Development has been working with the women there, many have become literate and more aware of their rights.
"Most importantly, I now have the courage to confront management and negotiate better conditions".

Once again thank you so much for your continued support of our work with and for the poorest communities on earth. With your continued help, we can make a difference.

Thank you to all who supported this event.

Click here for more info on fair trade

Celebrate the real meaning of Christmas - watch this video (needs RealPlayer)

Print and cut out a star and hang it on your tree as a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas


Thursday, 20 December 2007

A Christmas Wish From Bishop Brian Smith

Can I wish all who receive these notices, and thosewho read them, a very happy Christmas?I often find myself saying that Christmas is the celebration not of one, but of two births. We both celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago, and we also pray that Christ be born again, not in Bethlehem, but now in our selves. In the words of the hymn, we pray that the one whom we glimpsed through the Christmas story “be born in us today.” As that spirit of compassion, healing, justice, and
forgiveness, is allowed to become real in all our lives, a new hope can be given to the world. The birth 2000 years ago and the birth in the present day must be held together if Christmas is to be a celebration, both of joyful thanksgiving, and also of a true hope for the world. Thus it is at Christmas that we are often most aware of areas where compassion, healing, justice and forgiveness are so necessary. We live in a world of conflict, hunger and disease. We see homelessness, marginalization, neglect and unkindness. Into this world the spirit of Christ is to be born. As we are called to worship him at Christmas, so too weare called to follow him, and let his spirit be born in us today.

Carol Singing A Great Success

Thanks to all who came out tonight to sing in Rannoch Rd and to Shirley for the warm refreshments afterwards. It was goo to be able to give almost every home (until we ran out) a box of mince-pies as a present from the Church for Christmas. We pray that the gift will allow the real message of Christmas to come alive for the people of Rannoch Road. Willie.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Next Sunday - December 16th at 10.30am

'Angel Visits!' - Luke 1:26-45,
Psalm 12 - Revd. Willie Nixon

Monday, 3 December 2007

Sunday December 9th at 10.30am

'The Green Light!' - Luke 1:5-25 & Psalm 72:1-19
- Revd. Willie Nixon