Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Hello, I'm sending out this email to keep you guys informed about something thats coming up in all universities across edinburgh starting this friday. Most of your churches have students from Queen Margaret University being fed there, which we are so thankful for! I would love to ask you guys to pray for us as a university as we start our missions week, with the theme of Reality?. Let me fill you in....
Starting this friday night, continuing right through to the following friday (9th Feb), we are putting on many evangalistic events in and around the university, from film nights to 'txt a pancake', questionnaires to lunch time events! We are excited about what God has planned and is doing already in our university! We would love you as our churches to join with us to pray for the students who are going to hear the gospel, especially this coming week. Our aim is "To show people the REALITY of Jesus in what we do to being Him Glory"

To Him be the Glory!

Donna Henderson


Sunday, 21 January 2007

Emmanuel News will appear here!!

This blog has been set up to communicate all the latest news from Emmanuel Church!